Inmobiliaria Los Dragos is a real estate agency with more than 10 years of experience in the real estate sector of "Isla Bonita".At Inmobiliaria Los Dragos our main goal is the satisfaction of our clients. Through a close and transparent relationship, we ensure the best possible transaction and personal service.

We specialise in all types of real estate transactions, whether you want to buy or sell houses, flats, plots of land, commercial premises, etc.. Our company puts all its knowledge and experience at your disposal to find the home of your dreams and advise you throughout the entire buying process - from finding your dream property to handing over the keys, as well as the after-sales service where we take care of all the necessary conveyancing steps. For our seller clients, we work to find the right buyer for your property through a personalised marketing plan, while advising you throughout the process with the highest level of professionalism and transparency to ensure a simple, efficient and successful transaction.

La Palma - a place worth living

La Palma - a place worth living

Buying a property in the sunny south is still a dream for many, and La Palma, with its paradisiacal natural beauty, its healthy climate and a still relatively affordable standard of living, invites you to settle here or spend your holidays here. Of course, life in the Canary Islands should not be viewed through rose-coloured glasses, so good preparation for such a step is highly recommended.

What distinguishes La Palma from the other islands?

There are many advantages, depending on what you value. In terms of scenery, Isla Bonita basically combines everything you'd find on the other islands, all in a relatively small area. Except for the incomparable sandy beaches of Fuerteventura, you will find everything here - from humid forests to high mountain massifs to dry lava landscapes; the climate zones are correspondingly different.

The human climate is probably just as pleasant as the climatic one. Social life has always been relaxed and unhectic.

Another plus is the relatively good water supply compared to other islands. The economy is not so dependent on tourism. A large proportion of the inhabitants are employed in agriculture and the civil service, as well as a high proportion of small entrepreneurs who serve the local economy. Thus, the infrastructure has developed well.

Advise for buying a property

To avoid mistakes, it is advisable to work with an expert when buying a property in the Canary Islands. Spanish law is complex and transferring ownership is not always straightforward.

Purchase procedure

In southern countries, a lawyer is often hired, but this can sometimes be very expensive. In most cases, the real estate agent takes care of the entire transaction.

La Palma has become a very desirable island, especially for immigrants from German-speaking countries. However, the laws governing the purchase of real estate are sometimes very different from those in the United Kingdom.

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